What’s up folks!

My name is Priyal and I am genuinely bonkers! My husband, friends and family shall all testify to that fact. I was a rebellious not to mention ugly and unintelligent child, I was an even more rebellious but a tremendously street smart teenager, I was good at my job and a party crazy adult. And now I am a bored, lazy, fat but equally crazy housewife. The Diary of a crazy wife is a result of extreme boredom and uselessness.

To get a quick background story please read my CV below 😛

My life of 28 years is divided in four major parts.

Part One – I was never an intelligent child in school, neither was I very pretty. Hence years 4-16 went unnoticed and disappointing. I dreaded it! School got over in a blink and college life wasn’t extremely promising either.

Part Two – Umpteen amount of confusion (about career, job etc), transformation from a tomboy to into a girly girl, entry of a life long friend, the birth of my beloved niece “piyaa”, and the irrational undying love for SRK :* ❤

Part Three – This is the best part of my life. Part three gave me clarity! Clarity on what I could be in life, clarity on who my real friends were, clarity on what the world was.I got a job as a hot-shot celebrity manager. I experienced all the bling! Bollywood had to offer and it was all such a sham!

Part Four – The part where I turned from a rebellious teenager into a well tamed and trained housewife. A wife to the best husband in the world. A soul mate to the most amazing soul I have ever met. A better-half to the strongest yet softhearted other half.

Now, my life revolves around him and for him. After 28 years of living only for myself, I realised living for someone else is way peaceful.

Enough about me more about why you should read this blog.

Reason no 1 – If you are a housewife then you will relate to my struggle of transforming from an independent working girl to a woman who is caught inside the four walls of her room. The struggle is as real as it can get.

Reason no 2 – I will post regular updates on housewifey and not-so-housewifey things like great vegetarian recipes, ways to deal with boredom, recent reviews on the places I have visited, movie reviews, ways to make your life better at in your new home, drunk stories and everything random!

Reason no 3 – I am a true traveller. With-in 2 years I have travelled to Spain, France, Netherlands, China, Dubai, USA to name a few. In case,  you love to read or plan your next travel then you’ll love this space.

Reason no 4 – I am no writer or poet. My only aim is to reach all those frustrated & depressed women out there in order to make their lives more entertaining and happy.

Reason no 5- Well, if you are reading this blog you are probably as bored as I am! So since you have nothing else to do, might as well read on and get entertained.

So read on. Don’t judge. Avoid all the grammatical errors.

And just be HAPPY!

That’s all folks!

Watch this space for more.

Disclaimer : The content on the blog can be fictional. I don’t intend to disrespect absolutely anyone with the content. This is meant for entertainment purpose only.


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