Hola! my fellow homemakers,

The word “housewife or homemaker” has become an abuse. You tell your successful independent friends that you are a homemaker and promptly they will reply “Oh! Shit, what happened ? Your in-laws dint allow a working daughter-in-law ? Shouldn’t you fight back ?  You are wasting your education and time. etc. etc.

This is such bullshit! Borden-up your perspective a little,guys!

I am a proud homemaker! And if you are a homemaker, you better be proud of yourself too. You are doing the most difficult job in the world. You work  tirelessly 24*7 for the well-being of your loved ones. You make sure the family comes before you and your needs, which is a great selfless act in its own.


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So here is my take on being a homemaker:

1) You are the Prime Minister of your household. Our country’s operations are divided into various sections and sub-sections. The operations in an Indian household are divided with similar sections – Monthly and yearly budget, food, health, labor, tourism, finance management, sanitation etc. It is the Prime Minister’s responsibility to assist and advise smooth running of the democracy. So, take charge Mrs. Prime Minister and next time anyone degrades your caliber, you make sure to you set’em straight.

2) And your Mother-in-law is the President. Let us all accept and respect this fact. She has worked way harder and way more than you have at the betterment of her own country.

3) It is a real job. As real as a job in any multi-national company. How, you ask ?

  1. You over-work all the time.
  2. You get no weekends off.
  3. You need severe time management  and multi-tasking skills. Or else how are you going to catch that 9pm movie when the baby needs to be feed, the kitchen is a mess, husband is late, and to top it all the house-help decides to fall sick.
  4. Supply Chain Management – To stock, re-stock and evaluate any and every commodity in the house. This includes everything from a battery to your husbands underwear!
  5. Resource Management – I personally have 5 helps for a house of 5 people. Their salaries, holiday bonus, holiday gifts, sick leaves etc needs to be aptly managed.

4) And you get paid too – With loads of unconditional love, respect, appreciation and shopping! What else do you need ?

5) Satisfaction – Being able to take care of your family is by far the most satisfying experience I have ever had. I have worked with the best media agencies in Mumbai, but the sleep I get after a long tiring day of work at home is way better than the sleep I use to get after a day at the office.

Now, a lot of working wives will feel that this article is not right. Yes! There are women who can manage both, work and a household brilliantly. But, I personally  am not one of those. I believe in doing one thing at a time and doing it damn right!

And also a small request to all the readers, these blog posts are just my point of view. Your POV can be completely different and hold true to you.

I hope I have helped at least one person with my blog today.

To all the homemakers in the world,

Be proud of who you are. You are not less intelligent, talented or successful than any of these working women.

Love you all loads,

Pri ❤

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