Hello Friends,

When I was a single girl in Mumbai, I had quite a decent social life. I would meet my friends at least 3-4 times in a week. I relocated to Delhi post marriage and made new friends here. We met few wonderful people in Delhi. Some are as close as family 🙂

As much as I love having new friends, I do miss “my people”. As a result of constantly missing each-other my BFF and soulmate decided to visit me for 5 days. Oh boy! we did all the crazy, whacked-out, insane stuff one can imagine. Suddenly, I went from a 29 year old well-behaved lady to a 21 year old girl who knew how to have fun and let go! My mother-in-law was generous enough to take all my household responsibilities while my friend stayed with us. Thanks Maa ❤ .

One night my friend and I talked about our journey of life and the challenges we faced. The rush of completing college assignments, the competitiveness of ranking first in class, the urge to be better at your job, the sheer joy of completing a project successfully, the stress, the struggle, the challenge and the VICTORY. As  adults, we loved challenges. Throw us into any sticky situation and we’d wiggle out of it with ease. Fun was in the process of “wiggling” ourselves out, the final result was just a recognition of our hard-work and efforts.

Oh dear god! How I miss those days…

We then, canvassed our lives today and the challenges we faced in our day-to-day schedule. Sadly, we had nothing to discuss. We had no real challenges; no rush of being no.1, no competition, no pumping adrenaline and no rewards. My ultimate point of stress in an entire day is to cook food before 9am which is not challenging enough. Touch-wood, my in-laws are really nice so I dint have that particular challenge either. On a normal day all I do is sleep, eat, cook, watch saas-bahu sagas (I love them) and sleep again.


Yes! when I gym, learn a new recipe, clean my room or just do all my household chores, I do get a sense of temporary achievement but what next ? whats new ? are there any more complex issues to deal with? is this enough ?

The quality and intensity of the challenges I face post marriage differs drastically when compared to my single days.

I thought to myself; is it just me or do all home-makers feel the same ? Is my life so comfortable and lazy where I don’t face any real challenges ? Have I reached a point of retirement from learning new things, facing new obstacles, being the problem-solver or troubleshooter for other things but my home? Will I never experience that raging sense of achievement again ?

Since then, I have been introspecting and observing other home-makers. Frankly,  I came up with no logical solution or reply.

Questions! Doubts! And More Questions!

My head still wondering and my heart waiting for a solution. If any of you have faced a similar situation, then please comment below and let me know how you dealt with it. What did you do ? How did you get your daily doze of rush ?

This time I am just searching for some answers- answers for myself and other home-makers who might have the same question.

Thank you for helping 🙂

Pri ❤

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