I have seen way too many posts about Sabyasachi brides, Manish Malhotra brides, Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla brides amongst others We all love the sheer grandeur & uniqueness of their creations and  aspire to buy the originals one day! However today is not that day.

Here are some mesmerizing “non-designer” looks of brides who have created their own unique bridal style.

P.S : They also happen to be my sisters! 😛

The Non-traditional One

This beautiful girl, is my eldest sister. She is the first daughter of our family and we fondly call her “sweetu didi”. Not to brag; but “best sister eva!”. Belonging to the Gujarati community, we are required to wear a traditional white and red saree/lehenga during our wedding ceremony  (not necessary) & since there was no reception ceremony for her wedding, di decided to drop the traditional and wore this beautiful pink and orange custom made lehenga.

The outfit was assembled piece-by-piece by my perfectionist sister. The Zardozi embroidery was handpicked from at-least 100 options, the lehenga’s color was matched with the groom’s sherwani. There were a minimum of 5 fitting trails in order to make sure everything was perfect. Notice how elegant the orange drape dupatta looks instead of a pink one – a classic tip to use contrast instead of matching colors!

Being the eldest and the most perfect daughter her lehenga had to be the most expensive one.  This beauty cost her Rs. 70,000/- but was completely worth it.

The Intelligent One 

This stunner is sister no. 3 –  Niyati. we fondly call her “niyu or strawberry”. Niyati, has always been the level-headed one among the four of  us  So when it came to her wedding outfit she made sure it was worth every rupee she spent.

What’s different about her lehenga you ask ?

Look carefully. She has used the same ghaghra for the wedding & reception ceremony. She very effortlessly drew on a graceful green cape on the ghaghra.

The ghaghra embellished with pure silk thread work, simple Jewellery and a well-fitted bright red blouse looks like a dream on my baby sister.

The entire outfit including the green cape cost her Rs 45,000/-. So 22,500 for one outfit is not a bad deal at all.

Niyati is wearing a mang-tikka designed by herself. You can buy more of her statement Jewellery here

Chic and cheap is always a good deal. No ?

The lazy one  

Yes, that me! I am probably the laziest bride ever. I hated shopping for my trousseau and I hated shopping for my lehenga. So i did what I do the best. I googled!

I found a boutique in Juhu named “Chamee and Palak”. They design gorgeous wedding wear for a good price. The best thing about “Chamee and Palak” is that they give you full attention when you visit their boutique. The designers will show you their collection & you can pick , choose & modify all the outfits according to your taste.

My lehenga adorns simple gota-patti embroidery paired with a peach and red dupatta. I dislike layered neck-pieces, hence I went for one heavy Jadau set with chandelier earrings.

My lehenga costed around Rs.45,000/- along with 2 dupattas, however the wedding lehengas start from Rs. 25,000/- onward.

Later, I converted my wedding and reception lehenga into different outfits. Watch this space for the blog on my transformation.

Now, since I have already spoken about 3 sisters out of 4, how could I not talk about my youngest one. Nope, she isn’t a bride but she makes one hell of a bridesmaid.

The loved one


Virti, No.4 and the most loved daughter of the house. We fondly call her “Viru or cherry”.  Virti, should by now be a professional bridesmaid. 6 weddings in the house and she has managed to wear a different outfit for every single one of them. How this newly employed child is so rich is still a mystery for the family.

In case you have a friends/sister’s wedding, Virti’s way of designing her own clothes is amazing. She found a brilliant local tailor and loads of reference images on the internet.

Who knew cut, copy, paste works so magically while making outfits!

Take a reference picture of the lehenga when you visit the market to source your fabric. Buy every element of the ghaghra yourself – embroidered borders, lining, latkans, dupatta material, blouse material, ghaghra material etc. and give it to you tailor. Make sure he has a reference image too! And voila, your bridesmaid outfit is ready.

Here are some more looks from our wedding! Have a look…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope this blog will help you in your wedding preparations as well.

Do write in to us in case you need any further information on our looks.

Fyi, my wedding make-up was done by the fantastic Urmi Mehta. Do get in touch with her during your wedding, you cant help but fall in love with her make-up (& her!).

Loads of Love.

Pri ❤


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