Meet these real life brides who created their own unique wedding wear!


I have seen way too many posts about Sabyasachi brides, Manish Malhotra brides, Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla brides amongst others We all love the sheer grandeur & uniqueness of their creations and  aspire to buy the originals one day! However today is not that day.

Here are some mesmerizing “non-designer” looks of brides who have created their own unique bridal style.

P.S : They also happen to be my sisters! 😛

The Non-traditional One

This beautiful girl, is my eldest sister. She is the first daughter of our family and we fondly call her “sweetu didi”. Not to brag; but “best sister eva!”. Belonging to the Gujarati community, we are required to wear a traditional white and red saree/lehenga during our wedding ceremony  (not necessary) & since there was no reception ceremony for her wedding, di decided to drop the traditional and wore this beautiful pink and orange custom made lehenga.

The outfit was assembled piece-by-piece by my perfectionist sister. The Zardozi embroidery was handpicked from at-least 100 options, the lehenga’s color was matched with the groom’s sherwani. There were a minimum of 5 fitting trails in order to make sure everything was perfect. Notice how elegant the orange drape dupatta looks instead of a pink one – a classic tip to use contrast instead of matching colors!

Being the eldest and the most perfect daughter her lehenga had to be the most expensive one.  This beauty cost her Rs. 70,000/- but was completely worth it.

The Intelligent One 

This stunner is sister no. 3 –  Niyati. we fondly call her “niyu or strawberry”. Niyati, has always been the level-headed one among the four of  us  So when it came to her wedding outfit she made sure it was worth every rupee she spent.

What’s different about her lehenga you ask ?

Look carefully. She has used the same ghaghra for the wedding & reception ceremony. She very effortlessly drew on a graceful green cape on the ghaghra.

The ghaghra embellished with pure silk thread work, simple Jewellery and a well-fitted bright red blouse looks like a dream on my baby sister.

The entire outfit including the green cape cost her Rs 45,000/-. So 22,500 for one outfit is not a bad deal at all.

Niyati is wearing a mang-tikka designed by herself. You can buy more of her statement Jewellery here

Chic and cheap is always a good deal. No ?

The lazy one  

Yes, that me! I am probably the laziest bride ever. I hated shopping for my trousseau and I hated shopping for my lehenga. So i did what I do the best. I googled!

I found a boutique in Juhu named “Chamee and Palak”. They design gorgeous wedding wear for a good price. The best thing about “Chamee and Palak” is that they give you full attention when you visit their boutique. The designers will show you their collection & you can pick , choose & modify all the outfits according to your taste.

My lehenga adorns simple gota-patti embroidery paired with a peach and red dupatta. I dislike layered neck-pieces, hence I went for one heavy Jadau set with chandelier earrings.

My lehenga costed around Rs.45,000/- along with 2 dupattas, however the wedding lehengas start from Rs. 25,000/- onward.

Later, I converted my wedding and reception lehenga into different outfits. Watch this space for the blog on my transformation.

Now, since I have already spoken about 3 sisters out of 4, how could I not talk about my youngest one. Nope, she isn’t a bride but she makes one hell of a bridesmaid.

The loved one


Virti, No.4 and the most loved daughter of the house. We fondly call her “Viru or cherry”.  Virti, should by now be a professional bridesmaid. 6 weddings in the house and she has managed to wear a different outfit for every single one of them. How this newly employed child is so rich is still a mystery for the family.

In case you have a friends/sister’s wedding, Virti’s way of designing her own clothes is amazing. She found a brilliant local tailor and loads of reference images on the internet.

Who knew cut, copy, paste works so magically while making outfits!

Take a reference picture of the lehenga when you visit the market to source your fabric. Buy every element of the ghaghra yourself – embroidered borders, lining, latkans, dupatta material, blouse material, ghaghra material etc. and give it to you tailor. Make sure he has a reference image too! And voila, your bridesmaid outfit is ready.

Here are some more looks from our wedding! Have a look…

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I hope this blog will help you in your wedding preparations as well.

Do write in to us in case you need any further information on our looks.

Fyi, my wedding make-up was done by the fantastic Urmi Mehta. Do get in touch with her during your wedding, you cant help but fall in love with her make-up (& her!).

Loads of Love.

Pri ❤


An open letter to my 20 something kids…

Hi All,

I know it has been more than 2 months since I have written anything. I promised myself I will write only when I could completely connect to a subject. Life has been a roller-coaster since 2017 started. I was so disconnected with myself let alone feeling any kind of connection to my blogs.

Since the past 10 years I have been suffering from health issues. Thyroid, PCOD, depression, eye condition, weight gain, nose allergies, frequent fevers, colds and cough… this is just the tip of the ice-berg for the list of health issues I have. I have to take 7 medicine every single day in order to go through the day without getting tired.

All these medicines and illness lead to immense frustration. One such day just threw away all the medicines and cried my heart out. That day I wished I could go back to being 20 and undoing every wrong decision I took regarding my health, career and life in general.

Hence today I decided to write down a list of things I will educated my future children on. Whether to follow them or not will be their decision. But it is my job as a parent to share my two bits with them.


Dear Son/Daughter,

I hope when you read this, you understand that your mother says this from a place absolute, pure and unbiased love. Below is a list of things I wanted to share with you. I can only guide you towards a better life, you are big enough to decide!

  1. Health is wealth – When you are in your 20’s you will want to party, drink loads of alcohol, smoke, smoke-up, eat junk food, sleep late, etc etc. But taking care of your well-being is of utmost importance. Exercise as much as you can. Eat healthy. Drink responsibly.
  2. Learn a defensive art – To fight against molestation or robbery, one must be able to defend themselves.
  3. Travel, Learn, Grow – Travel as much as you can with your friends, peers, family, colleagues or even alone. Travelling opens up new horizons. You will learn to look at things with a different lens. Jump from a plane, dance in the rain, bungee jump, do what your heart pleases. Just Travel, Learn and Grow!
  4. Have a relationship – Yes! Your mom is asking you to date. Fall in love it makes you beautiful inside-out. Get your heart broken it makes you stronger emotionally. Go out on dates, long drives, have sex on the beach for all I care :P! It takes great courage to show your vulnerable side to a human apart from your parents. I wish you are courageous enough.
  5. Choose your sex partner wisely – If you are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or anyone else remember the society does not matter. Your happiness does! You should not care about the gender of the person as long as you are happy.  It’s OK to have one night stands provided the person you have having it with does not make you doubt your decision in the morning.
  6. Make Friends – While parents protect you, friends guide you. Make sure you have that handful of people who you know are your safety-net.
  7. Mistakes are awesome – Don’t ever be afraid to make mistakes and try something new! Mistakes make you a better judge of people and situations.
  8. Education – College education is important but life education is necessary. Learn different languages, experience different cultures, paint, draw, re-invent and create! Educate yourself on something new every single day.
  9. “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  This quote from Confucius is from around 551Bc, but is so true for this century!  Make your hobby a job. Work hard, value money and be financially independent.
  10. Marriage is not the final destination – Marry when you really want to spend the rest of your life with someone. Age, religion, money, society are not the reasons for you to make a lifetime commitment.
  11. Divorce is OK – Yes! It is. Period. Your life will not, shall not and cannot begin or end at a possible “happily ever after”.


Image Source


No matter how bad life gets, no matter how bad a person you can be, no matter how bad are the deeds you have done – always trust your parents to show you the right path. You are our child, you are a literally apart of us and nothing you will do will ever make us not love you. We might punish you, we might get angry at you, we might shout but Maa and Paa will never stop loving you.  All you need to do when you are in trouble is come to us.

I hope after reading this you will have a better enriching life.

Love, Maa.


I know all you mothers will be thinking “What does she know about having children? She isn’t a mother yet”. You are right, I don’t have kids and probably don’t know anything about bringing them up. But I do know of a mothers love and worry for her child 🙂 and I think that should be enough, no?

Fyi, I have a god-daughter. Her name is Vidhi and she is 22! I was a mother to a 15 year old when I was 22. I have faced all the teenage tantrums and rebellious behavior.  If you are a mother of a teenager trust me when I say “I get you, girl”. Thankfully, my daughter is the best I could ever ask for. Not to take away from the impeccably wonderful parents she has, but I think I did a good job with this one.

If you do have teenage kids, make sure they read this blog. There are times when parents feel awkward to speak to their kids, maybe this will help.

To the parents who disagree with this letter, I respect your views too 🙂

I hope I made a difference in at least one person’s life. If I did, my goal was achieved.

Loads of Love

Pri ❤

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Lets Help our House help : Meet Babulal, a hardworking boy with a heart full of Joy.

Hello Everyone,

It been a long time since I have said a “Hello” to you all.

Today’s blog is dedicated to all those special people who make the life of a home-maker a lot easier, our helpers. It is an ode to the less fortunate lot of the society who unfortunately have to do odd jobs in order to survive.

Almost every household in India employs house-helpers, including us. Let me introduce you to Mr. Babu Lal Nisad. A fun loving and cartoony character of our house.


Babu lal Nishad (BL) came to Delhi with no dreams, expectations or desires. All he needed was money for the survival of his family of 7 & an infant. He is the sole earning member of this family. Being educated only till class 5, he can barely read or write (However, he is active on facebook and whatsapp!). Babu Lal came to my house desperately asking for a job as a house-help, we hired him & he is now an integral part of our family.

This is BL’s work station. A portable speaker, a phone (with a JIO Sim for unlimited internet), earphones and a smile on his face. He listens to up-beat hindi and bhojpuri film songs from the 90’s all day long while he is working. At night he watches movies on his new 4g phone which was gifted to him by us on Diwali. He watches each and every cricket match, almost all daily soaps and music reality shows. Up till now, BLs life seems quite sorted and happy, but he has his own share of hardships.

He is up by 8am and is working till late. He works literally more than anyone in the house. He is our plumber, electrician, cook, sweeper, cleaner & entertainer. He visits his parents every 4 months and misses them terribly. He misses his nephew “lucky’ the most.


One day, I was upset at him for not doing the job he was asked to do. When asked “why?” he innocently replied “Bhabhiji, woh tv pe India ka match aah rah tha. Dhoni ne kya match khela hai. Mazza aah gaya” (Madam, I got busy watching a cricket match. Dhoni is playing very well.) The moment he said this, I saw a glimpse of a teenage boy who should have been in college playing cricket with his friends instead of cleaning my kitchen. I instantly apologized and walked away. This incident left me thinking over crude realities of life.

It’s funny how unfair karma can be sometimes. As teenager I had no responsibilities. I wasted my father’s hard earned money at restaurants and pubs, while BL had to probably work in them. I was given video games, while BL was given a broom to sweep the floors. I received the best education my parent could afford, while BL had to afford his parents.

After meeting BL I decided I was going to do something to help him out. And I think you should too. Here are a few simple ways in which we can make our helpers feel special.


  • Try and educate them. May be get them in the habit of reading the headlines of the newspapers, speak a few words in English or get some Hindi books for them so that they can increase their knowledge. BL can now understand and speak a few English words.
  • Take them shopping or give them money for new clothes every season. Then make sure they spend the money on the right purpose for which it was given. At least they know someone cares.
  • Make sure they eat well.
  • Be nice to them. They are not our personal slaves. Make your home their home.
  • Offer their children education. My husband sponsors education for 2 kids and it is the best money we spend in the entire month.
  • Give them some respect. They too are humans.
  • Watch the way you talk to them. “Thank you” and “Sorry” are two extremely important words which we seldom say to our helpers.
  • Pay them on time. They need this money more than you do.
  • Make sure they get regular doctors visits and live a healthy fulfilling life.

While you are reading this article, take a look at all your house-helpers and put yourself in their place. You will then learn how privileged you are. Your helpers clean your home, wash your clothes, bathe your children, cook your food and make sure your family is safe. Don’t you think it’s about time we return their favor?

Let’s make the less fortunate lot of the society feel better about themselves.

Help your house-help by giving them a better life and respect.

Spread the love and keep smiling

P.S :- BL was extremely excited about this blog. He posed spontaneously for all the pictures. Comment below if you have any messages for him. I will make sure he reads all of them. He will be super happy to see people reaching out to him.

Pri ❤




The Challenge Of Not Having A Real Challenge

Hello Friends,

When I was a single girl in Mumbai, I had quite a decent social life. I would meet my friends at least 3-4 times in a week. I relocated to Delhi post marriage and made new friends here. We met few wonderful people in Delhi. Some are as close as family 🙂

As much as I love having new friends, I do miss “my people”. As a result of constantly missing each-other my BFF and soulmate decided to visit me for 5 days. Oh boy! we did all the crazy, whacked-out, insane stuff one can imagine. Suddenly, I went from a 29 year old well-behaved lady to a 21 year old girl who knew how to have fun and let go! My mother-in-law was generous enough to take all my household responsibilities while my friend stayed with us. Thanks Maa ❤ .

One night my friend and I talked about our journey of life and the challenges we faced. The rush of completing college assignments, the competitiveness of ranking first in class, the urge to be better at your job, the sheer joy of completing a project successfully, the stress, the struggle, the challenge and the VICTORY. As  adults, we loved challenges. Throw us into any sticky situation and we’d wiggle out of it with ease. Fun was in the process of “wiggling” ourselves out, the final result was just a recognition of our hard-work and efforts.

Oh dear god! How I miss those days…

We then, canvassed our lives today and the challenges we faced in our day-to-day schedule. Sadly, we had nothing to discuss. We had no real challenges; no rush of being no.1, no competition, no pumping adrenaline and no rewards. My ultimate point of stress in an entire day is to cook food before 9am which is not challenging enough. Touch-wood, my in-laws are really nice so I dint have that particular challenge either. On a normal day all I do is sleep, eat, cook, watch saas-bahu sagas (I love them) and sleep again.


Yes! when I gym, learn a new recipe, clean my room or just do all my household chores, I do get a sense of temporary achievement but what next ? whats new ? are there any more complex issues to deal with? is this enough ?

The quality and intensity of the challenges I face post marriage differs drastically when compared to my single days.

I thought to myself; is it just me or do all home-makers feel the same ? Is my life so comfortable and lazy where I don’t face any real challenges ? Have I reached a point of retirement from learning new things, facing new obstacles, being the problem-solver or troubleshooter for other things but my home? Will I never experience that raging sense of achievement again ?

Since then, I have been introspecting and observing other home-makers. Frankly,  I came up with no logical solution or reply.

Questions! Doubts! And More Questions!

My head still wondering and my heart waiting for a solution. If any of you have faced a similar situation, then please comment below and let me know how you dealt with it. What did you do ? How did you get your daily doze of rush ?

This time I am just searching for some answers- answers for myself and other home-makers who might have the same question.

Thank you for helping 🙂

Pri ❤

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Sadly, Molestation is a daily routine!

Hi Friends,

Shocked- at my title ? But look deep within and ask yourself a question:Is molestation/eve teasing a part of a woman’s daily life ?

Let me share a story with you. Story of a  14 year old girl.

Lets name this girl भया (Bhaya). Bhaya means scared/horrified/petrified in the Hindi language. We name her Bhaya because she was not NIRBHAYA (alias of the girl who was brutally raped in Delhi and left to die in the middle of a street.) Nirbhaya was brave.  She fought her rapists, she struggled to live & she was truly fearless. Bhaya, on the other hand was weak & scared. Bhaya, was thankfully never raped but she was molested.

Meet Bhaya, a girl who loved playing outdoors. She normally wore her brother’s clothes most of the time as they would be more comfortable while playing football. She wasn’t one of those pretty girls who knew how to dress and put make-up . She was unique in her own distinctive way.

Bhaya, hated studying. Hence, like all the other weak students she was put in tuition classes for History, Geography, English, Math, Hindi, Marathi, and French.

Bhaya hated French tuition more than the others as they were on every Wednesday. It was the day when all the kids in her society would meet in the garden to play football.


Image Source

One such dreadful Wednesday while Bhaya was sitting in her french class a hand came creeping from below the table and groped her. Bhaya had experienced a touch like that for the first time. She looked at the boy sitting next to her. A boy she had known from school looked at her with a lusty smirk in his eyes. Bhaya panicked and ran out of the classroom.

Bhaya came home and told her mother “Mom, I wont go to French tuition from next week. I don’t like it there.” “Agh, Bhaya!” her mom replied promptly. “You always find ways to avoid studies. You are going to the tuition. Its my final call.”

Next Wednesday, Bhaya picked a seat away from the “Creep”. She felt safe near her professor. However the Creeps eyes followed her every move. Classes was dismissed and Bhaya rushed out. But little did she know that Creep was right behind her. The classes were on the fourth floor of an old building without an elevator. Creep, within no time caught up to Bhaya and cornered her. He held her tight, he scratched her arms, he tried to kiss and touched her everywhere possible. Bhaya, tried to scream, she struggled to set herself free and fight him, but Creep was just way too strong for her.

Thankfully , a few seconds into this nightmare, rest of the students from the class were walking down the staircase. Creep heard there footsteps and ran away.

Bhaya could barely stand. Somehow, she found the strength to reach home. Bhaya’s mother  noticed her bruises.”Where you  out playing football again with those boys instead of going to the tuition ?” questioned her mother.  Bhaya didn’t have the stamina to share this with her mother, so she shut up and she shut-up for a very long time.

She shut-up until the day she shared this with me.

Bhaya, over the years has become very different. She, till today does not respond to any kind of eve-teasing. If a man touched her inappropriately  under the pretext of a mistake, she silently walks away without any protest. She cannot trust people easily, she is always suspicious of a persons intentions, her relationships never lasted long and she hates it if people touch her face. The Creep still scares her even after decades of this incident. The Creep has gotten into her mind and soul and no matter what she does, she is still that weak girl who couldn’t raise her voice.

When a girl is touched without her permission it shakes her, it breaks her & it shatters every piece of her body,mind and soul.

I share this story today, to impress upon you the fact that molestation leads to a life long trauma in a woman and that shutting-up is doing no good!

In our day-to-day lives, men find a way to touch us. In a crowded train, a train platform, in a bus, on a busy street or any place where they see opportunity. 90% of times women let go of such men. I say DON’T. Call him out, shout at him, abuse him, or just give him a  stinky stare. Make sure he knows that his actions were noticed.

Second, make your daughters are independent, brave and verbal enough to face such “Creeps”. Make sure you are standing rock-solid besides her in every situation.

Third,  notice if there are any “Bhayas” around you. She can be your daughter, your sister, your friend or she can be you! Talk to her. Here is what I told my friend Bhaya, maybe you can take some inspiration from it.


Imagine you are happily married and have a beautiful 14 year old daughter who came home with scratched arms and a broken soul. Will you still shut-up ? Wont you raise your voice? You will! You will make sure that CREEP never hurts your daughter again!

Now, all you need to do is to find the same will and courage to stand-up for yourself!

We reside a country which worships warrior goddesses like Maa Durga, Maa Shakti and Maa Kaali who are known to fight the evil. They reside in your heart. All you need to do is be BRAVE.

Find the strength within you and stand-up for yourself.

Pri ❤

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Confessions Of an Apologetic Daughter

Hi People,

Today, I am in an extremely emotional mood. I don’t usually live with regret of past my actions, but this has been a burden on my heart since a long time.  The regret of not being a better/good-enough daughter to my parents.

We strive so hard to be better daughter-in-laws, professionals, or spouses then why cant we work equally hard to be better daughters ? or sons ?


A quick background on my parents – my dad is a middle class business man for whom a  Rs. 100 coffee at Starbucks is a luxury he cant afford. My mothers only identity are her children and husband. Period. Today, I am married in Delhi whereas my brother and his family live in Hong kong. My parents live alone, at the age of 60.

I was pampered to the end of eternity by my mother whereas my father was the disciplined one. I on the other hand always found ways to disobey and mend the rules according to my convenience.  While mom is the emotional support, daddy is like a strength pillar, together they never let me fall apart.  My parents like every other parent loved my brother and me unconditionally.  And I, like almost every other child took their love for granted.

I never cooked a decent meal for my parents, I never offered my dad a glass of water when he returned home tired from work, my help in the household chores was limited, my work schedule never allowed me to spend quality time with them, or otherwise I was just too busy meeting with my friends.

My parents faces turned from bright and young into wrinkled and dull in front of my busy eyes and I did nothing to help.

As a daughter-in-law I cook for the entire house, I keep the house clean, I serve food/water to everyone, I accompany my in-laws at every place required, I do all this and more. I don’t regret doing all this for my family, however I do regret not doing it for my parents as well.

As one gets older and wiser, one also gets a little selfish. I realized this, when I saw the movie Dangal. For the people who have not seen the movie – Geeta (a wrestler) is trained by her father from a very young age. The father Mahavir Singh leaves his job, disobeys his family, goes against the society rules to make sure he gives a 100% for Geeta’s training. Geeta goes on to become a national champion and is sent to a professional camp for further training. This is when Mahavir gets lonely and disheartened. A daughter he loved so dearly is now on her way to success and has forgotten the man and the sacrifices he made for her to reach this position.

When I saw Mahavir Singh’s loneliness on screen, all I could do was imagine my parents surrounded with the same loneliness.  They live alone so their children can be happy. They live alone so their children can be successful. They live alone so their children can have a better life. They sacrificed their future so their children could have a future.

But today is a turning point in my life as a daughter. I value my parents and their love more than ever and want to make a promise to them.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am sorry. I promise to be a better daughter. I will be your strength pillar. I will make sure I am there for you when you need me. I will be your son, your daughter, your mother and your father.

Many of you must be thinking why I wrote this blog today. Frankly, it is not even a blog, it is a immensely personal confession.

I want to reach out to all those kids who knowingly or unknowingly are not paying attention to their parents. Take charge before it is too late. Value them!

Spend some time with your old man, ask him if he needs any help in his work or even otherwise. Give your mom a day off from all the household work and do it for her. Take them shopping or just splurge your salary on them instead of getting drunk at a party. Or just simply be available for them. Parents have extremely simple requirements in life. All they want is time and love from their children.

I cried tons while writing this, so I really hope it reaches a few hearts and makes a difference.

Your PARENTS are the only real deal in this world full of artifice. Keep them safe and happy.

Love you Maa & Paa

Pri ❤


Mumbai: A Loving Mother, Delhi: The Tough Father

Hello friends,

As I said earlier I was born and brought up in the city of Mumbai and married in Delhi.

Delhi: a city of amazing food, cool winters,  state of the art metro, lively parties and warmhearted people.

Mumbai treated me like her child. She pampered me, she made me happy, she wiped my tears, she gave me my education, my job, my friends and  the rest of my family. Mumbai, you make me so happy. Even today, I cannot wait to get back to you. Do you know the feeling  you get every time your mom hugs you ? That is the same feeling I experience every single time I step into Mumbai. Mumbai, tu sach main meri jaan hai ❤

If Mumbai was like a mother who nurtured me, then Delhi was the strict father who wanted his child to be strong and fearless. Delhi made sure  I grew up, he made sure I wasn’t protected and cocooned anymore.  As a kid, my dad use to give me swimming lessons. I used to be terrified of the deeper side of the swimming pool. One day my dad simply picked me up and threw me into the pool without any prior warning. I sunk to the bottom and immediately started swimming my way up. From that day on wards my fear vanished and I was confident enough to swim anywhere. Delhi did the same with me. Today, I am not that shy and timid girl who would take people s#*t. Now, I am stronger and smarter!  Thank you Delhi ❤

However this love for Delhi came much later, initially I faced a whole lot of difficulties. As any father would, Delhi was extremely tough on me. To cut the sob-story short: i dint have any friends, no knowledge about the city, no entertainment, no close relatives, no way to pass time etc. etc. Slowly the city got to my sanity. I started getting bouts of depression. I reached the very bottom in my personal life. I would fight with the husband everyday, I would hate staying home, I hated everything and everyone including myself. Life reached at a point where I hated myself for everything and just wanted to die alone. I did visit a psychiatrist in a desperate attempt to make myself happy but no results.

However, things changed: after sinking to the bottom, I pushed myself to swim up. The husband also pulled up his socks and made sure we get through this teething process together.



Now that I have gone through this learning process with great difficulty, I wanted to share a few tips and tricks which helped me adjust to a new city and life faster.

  1. Learn to travel independently – Learn how to drive a car or master the public transport of the city.  I can now travel anywhere in Delhi without being dependent on my husband or anyone else
  2. Be  Independent – Financially, emotionally or physically. For example: I always save cash from my household expenses for a rainy day.
  3. Get up and get dressed – Even if you have nowhere to go, get dressed for yourself. Look beautiful for yourself.
  4. Create a time-table – Draw your own timetable which involves a balance home and other activities. Make sure you are busy all the time.
  5. Exercise! – Take a walk, join a gym, dance or do whatever suits you. But move that body.
  6. Learn something new every day – Just because you are a home-maker I doesn’t mean your learning should stop. Join some activity classes ( I learnt professional make-up, Chinese food and Garba dance) or book reading clubs etc.
  7. Make you own friends – Meet as many new people as you can. Make your own friend circle apart from the one you share with your husband.
  8. Do you own work – Don’t just laze around and wait for a house-help to finish your household chores. Do it yourself.
  9. Explore the city on your own – Check out all the markets, visit historical monuments and experience the city as tourist. Watch a movie alone or just drink coffee and read a book all by yourself.
  10. Spend time with your new family – This is extremely important. Get to know your in-laws well. My mom and I shop till we drop, we go for luncheons, we go for a walk together, we eat all the meals of the day together, we even pray together.  My cousins especially my brother-in-law played a major role in helping me adjust to the city. My devar(s) and sister-in-law were my first friends in the city.

I hope these tips would help you when you shift to a new city. Apart from all the gyan, don’t stress too much you’ll rock your life irrespective of any hurdles you face 🙂 !

Have an awesome 2107 year everyone.

Until next time,


Pri ❤

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